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"An outstanding effort!"
Wow! What more can I say? This was a wicked disc! An outstanding effort! I remember meeting Ms. Sage at WonderCon and thought she was beautiful, however the young lady that's playing Demi is absolutely adorable (has she done anything else?) This movie had a little bit of everything; Beautiful ladies, Occult, Demons, Vampires, Witches, and oh yeah - Sex.

The special features were awsome too. I hope that there will be sequel and we get to see what fate befalls our little Sapphic Duo. Great Job! One of my 'non-movie' favorite bits was where the director is giving the actresses stage direction while eating his burger. Classic! Just 'another day at the office', I suppose? Poor bastard - he can have my job, I'll trade - I don't mind. I give this 6 stars out of 5!

TA Huether

Glad you liked it TA! In casting the film we looked at a bunch of porn stars and kept coming back to Ellie Idol. As soon as we saw some of her stuff - we knew she would make a GREAT Demi. We later found out that she is an anime fan and a cos-player. So she was destined to play Demi.

Films - She's done a bunch of stuff over the last few years.

Hilarious & well done!
Looking forward to the obvious sequel.  Hope you sell a ton to justify that.  Mr. creator (you) seemed a bit shy in his appearances in the background story stuff.   oh God - I could never have been a porno star.

Tell witch lady I love her tits!!!  Life is awful because even if I had a magic pill to make me 35 again, I would still be too old for those honeys!!  Darn, darn!!!

"Dr. Wicki Strangelove" 


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Any fan of Demi knows she loves to meet new & interesting people everywhere she goes, so once she heard about MySpace from some of here fans, she wanted her own place to visit and chat with all her friends and fans. So take a visit, and find out how tall Demi is, what her favorite hobbies are read her blog & see her slide show. You don't even have to be a member to see most of her pics.
Plus there's links to Ellie Idol's & Sinn Sages MySpace pages.
DemiMySpace page.

"A monumental achivement"

Got the Demi movie today! Gave it a spin - I dug the opening credits, they reminded me of the intros to the Spidey and Hulk movies. The blue smoke for scene changes was cool, and the sets and props looked terrific. Makeup was impressive too.
The director got surprisingly good performances for a porno, and it was interesting to see his technique in the outtakes. "Embrace your inner dork" was a great stage direction. He was clearly paying attention to detail when he said things like "Why would a demon say 'Oh God'?"
I'm sure fans of lesbian movies (and furry fans) will like the sex scenes,.
I checked out the character intros and found them to be colorful, informative introductions to the Demi universe(s).
All in all, I think it's a monumental achievement, elevating Carnal Comics to hitherto unrealized and unguessed credibility. It's easily the most comic-booky adult film I've ever seen, even more so than Sordid Stories (more of a pulp fiction tribute) and Wicked Weapon (based more on modern superhero movies than comics). It's a proud day for Carnal Comics! - - JAS

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Coming Soon: Comic Buyers Guide Reviews the Film!

I got the movie yesterday and enjoyed
it a lot, esp. the behind the scenes
stuff and the outtakes. I'm planning
to review it in CBG #1646 -
Brent Frankehoff, Editor
Comic Buyers Guide

Comic Buyers Guide is one of the
largest Comic related Magazines in the
US and they have only ever reviewed
a live-action Adult Movie a few times,
so getting a review from them is
quite a compliment


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"More, More More!"

Favorite character: Well Demi of course, but I did like Vampirooni also and hope to somehow see someone come up with a Kit-ra. LOL Then again, a Demi/Shaundra movie would work too (LOL just need to get a strap on that actually squirts ejaculate) Every character will hopefully make an appearance at some point.

Loved the bonus features, thought the Intro sequence was a great idea for people unaware of the characters.That was also my favorite bonus feature.

What would I like to see more of? That's easy, more Demi in action. And like I said, more characters, more situations, just more more more. No complaints otherwise. I'll continue to purchase.



To be honest with you I went into the movie deciding I was going to have the mind-set not to expect much and thus, not be too terribly critical about it because I had set my expectations low but, to be honest with you I was amazed.

The costumes were very believable, the girls were sweet and cordial off-set and thus translated well on-set. Even though I have not seen too much of the Demi story or any experience to speak of with the characters I felt at ease with them.

The quirkyness of the characters and the tongue-in-cheek, no pun intended, dialogue made it alot of fun to watch. And believe it or not the length of the movie was perfect. I've seen movies like this before and after awhile it doesn't become such a pleasure but, a task to watch and I think you kept just the right length.

The set was perfect and captured the theme of the movie well. It was just a perfect little feature and there's not a whole lot I would have changed.

BRAVO! - J. Kohler

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